8 out of 10 business fail a year according to Forbes magazine.


We have discovered while working with our clients that they have amazing business ideas. Innovative products and solutions that can help thousands of people. What we also discovered is many are structuring their business model like a hobby.

The crash of 2008 changed the way investors disperse money. Banks no longer give loans based on credit history. They demand a strong business model and plan. Many angel investors now have a check off sheet they go by.

There are other investment resources, but because there have been so many who have used them to raise funds for a project they do not even own, people no longer invest as quickly.

IBD-Global knows what investors are looking for.

Our company modules are designed for success and not failure. By the time you complete our 3 module program you will be leveraged for success and investment capital.

At the end of each module you will receive the IBD-Global seal of approval that you can take to any angel investor, bank or alternative investment site to prove that you are now certified as a solid company that will provide a return on their investment.

We also provide at the end of our program the ability to join several sites that are looking for upstart companies that want to get listed on the stock market. Seed Ventures LTD is one of these companies that looks for young progress companies to list under their stock.

Failure is not an option with IBD-Global. We are also an international company with satellite offices in Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Germany and China.

We can also help you navigate many of the problems other companies encounter internationally.

IBD-Global is a world leader in helping many small businesses and existing businesses help them grow their bottom line. Please email: info@IBD-Global.com and we can send you white papers about our company and social media research.

Don’t treat your business like a hobby and become one of the 8 businesses that fail a year.

Why our consulting

We are a full service business development group – we build strategies and systems.

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Global consumer insights

Rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges with cooperative process-driven.

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Thought Leadership

A solution is proposed, from here you can action the plan with just outline assistance.

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Business Development (module 1)

Business development is a skill. You can seek out what many call a “business consultant” or seek a business developer. The difference between the two is knowledge. IBD Global has designed business modules that allow for maximum profitability and management. Upon completion of each “custom” made module you will receive the “IBD Global” Gold certification showing people and investors that you are a solid long-term business geared for success. Too many people go into business for the wrong reasons, but if you are serious about business and your bottom line, contact us today for your 1 hour consultation and see how we can help your company.

Business Marketing (module 2)

Just as important as it is to have all the right things in place before launching your products and services. It is also important to have the correct marketing plan. How will you reach people, how much are you willing to spend, can you reach your target market through the internet only? We look at the entire plan you have. When you go through module one this allows us to tailor a marketing plan that fits your company and company budget. You are in control of all your marketing campaigns. Call us today and see how IBD Global can help take your business to the next level.

Web site design (module 3)

So you have a website. Great. Now the question is do you have traffic? Putting together a website presence is not easy, you have to design the site in a way that is easy to navigate, can people find your phone number, do you have a means of tracking real customers and not spiders? What method of online marketing are you going to choose and do you have anyway of monitoring your advertising campaigns? In Module 3 we also look at when is the best time to sell your company or when to expand your product line. Each module is custom tailored with you and your company in mind. At the end of all 3 modules you will receive the IBD Global Gold standard seal which you can now either take to the bank or seed investors. Our programs are designed for success and not failure. Call us today at 303-325-3919 and schedule your 1 hour consultation with one of our module professionals and see how IBD Global can help your dreams come true.

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